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its first ever decline in subscribers. >>> peter madoff, the brother of jailed ponzi skeeper bernie madoff, will serve ten years in prison. peter madoff still says he's innocent. >>> facebook is testing a new way to make some money. charging users $1 to send an internal e-mail message to someone who is not on their friend list. forget the fiscal crisis. come january 1st there's a possibility that milk prices could rise to as much as $6 to $8 per gallon. that's if congress fails to pass a new farm bill. >>> in the wake of superstorm sandy which led to the conselation of this year's new york marathon. runners from around the world are being offered a full refund. >>> those in the know say the average markdown is around 43% right now. that's compared to 33% on black friday. >>> but getting a deal doesn't always guarantee delivery. this home surveillance video shows a u.p.s. driver delivering a package to one doorstep, and then coming back to swipe a fedex delivered package that contained an ipad mini. they tracked down the seasonal driver and fired him. the ipad was returned and no cha
in brazil. the country is harvesting its biggest coffee crop ever. and peter madoff is sentenced to the max of 10 years in prison for helping his brother bernie in their infamous ponzi scheme. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us on this friday morning for a closer look at the markets. good morning to you. we had a nice santa claus rally going on here. do you think that this fiscal talk is just going to kill it? > > no, it doesn't look like it. the trend over the last few days is, we have seen the market up, but we have seen it really kind of accelerate toward the end of the day. so, as news has not come out negatively, people are buying into the market. but what is interesting is, we have seen the vix, or volatility index, the protection of the market, also rise over the last three or four days, and rise fairly significantly. what that tells me is, the people that are still in the market, that have not sold their long positions due to capital gains tax or dividends tax or anything like that, they want and should protect themselves. that is why we have seen the vix rise over the last f
guaranteed by ruth and madoff's brother peter, and bernie was released. all of his assets were frozen, but in a stunning breach of the court order barring the transfer of property, a large and extremely valuable envelope arrived at andrew madoff's apartment. >> i tore open the envelope and--and--and dumped it out. and it was absolutely heartbreaking. these were pieces of jewelry that i recognized. things that i had seen my mother wearing over the-- over the years. and i couldn't understand how she could do this. i mean, what were they thinking? and it wasn't until three years later that i had a chance to ask her, "what were you thinking when you sent me that jewelry? i don't understand." and she told me that she and my father planned to kill themselves. and they put together that package beforehand and sent it out. >> did they try to kill themselves? >> yes, they did. >> i don't know who-- whose idea it was. but we decided to kill ourselves because it was-- it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail, just beyond anything. and i said, "i can't. i ju
in three years. this was judgment day for another madoff. an peter madoff was sentenced in new york today to 10 years in prison for conspiracy and for falsifying the books and records at his brother's investment firm. bernie madoff is spending the rest of his life in prison for running a multibillion-dollar ponzi scheme that robbed thousands of people of their life's savings. we got a rare look today at one of the most important documents in american history, the in a emancipation proclamation, which granted freedom to slaves held la rebel states during the civil war. docudocument is rarely displayed in order to preserve it, but the public can see it starting december 30 as the national rtingves in washington marks the proclamation's 150th anniversary. sandy hook's hero principal was full of love and larger than life. remembering dawn hochsprung. next. life. powerful positions in the s. next on cbs5. but sex selection is not just occurring in foreign countries. it's happening in the united >>> the line of people who paid their respects to dawn hochsprung in woodbury, connecticut, last nig
. however, pee -- the scam. however, peter madoff says he's also a victim. he insists he was shocked to learn the business was a sham. >>> 4:40. when you think of education in school, what comes to mind? >> most of us imagine maybe a classroom, four walls, a desk, chalkboard. >> that sounds good but some educators in annandale, virginia, they're knocking down those walls, getting rid of the desks and introducing life skills and volunteerism into the lives of young people in our region. >> we'll have that story coming up at 4:57. 9news is back in two minutes with your weather first. good morning. >>> welcome back to 9news now on this tuesday morning. 4:44. the outside was very gray yesterday so i'm interested in what color are you calling weather today. >> it's definitely a good day. a good day? >> much better day. a little breezy. it is a green. our weather alerts are going to be green today and tomorrow. but a much better day. only a touch of fog in one or two spots now. that will be gone in the next few hours. then we'll be dealing with some sunshine and windy conditions. get ready
in prison. peter madoff had been helping his brother run a ponzi scheme that swindled investors out of billions of dollars. peter madoff pleaded guilty to falsifying documents and lying to securities regulators. at thursday's sentencing he said he's deeply ashamed. >>> "usa today" reporting instagram is backtracking from a new privacy policy as we reported there was a huge backlash when the website suggested it would use customer photos in ads. instagram says it has no intention of selling photos for ads and it never did. >>> the "l.a. times" says facebook is testing a new user fee to allow customers to send messages to the regular inboxes of people who are not their friends. right now the messages go to a box for other which is also known as spam. >>> queen elizabeth's christmas speech will be broadcast in 3-d for the first time. spokeswoman says they want to do something big and special in the jubilee year. the queen calls the 3-d message >>> a strong storm now sliding into the bay area. we are seeing gusty winds and heavy rainfall overnight. some amounts i
sentences to 10 years in prison. peter madoff, pleading guilty to conspiracy. the courtroom filled with victims of his brotheree scheme. he cheated investors out of $20 billion. he is serving a 150-year prison term. now back to "on the record." for your latest headlines, go to foxnews.com. >> this is a fox news weather alert. thousands are stranded as a deadly midwestern storm leaves thens without power. we go live to chicago for more. >> reporter: dana, what a difference a few hours makes, five to be specific. when the snowfall started. i want to show you, a car that was here when we got here, just left a few moments ago. you can see the difference. now, you mentioned about the cancellations and the weather. it's been affecting air travel. chicago o'hare international airport reporting 350 flight cancellations with delays of 30 minutes. chicago midway airport reporting 150 cancellations with delays och to 50 minutes and dana, can you imagine, this is our first snowfall of the season? a record 290 days between now and our last measurable snowfall. here it is, the national weather a
deserves to spend ten years in prison for his role in madoff's ponzi scheme. peter madoff is scheduled to be sentenced thursday. prosecutors say he failed to stop his brother from windsling billions of dollars -- windsling billions -- swindling billions of dollars from investors. >>> howard will have our forecast first coming back. winders expected to be a -- wind expected to be a bit of a issue. >> keep it right here. news back in two minutes. >>> good morning. welcome book to 9news now. 6:44. a lot of people getting ready to head out the door, off to school, off to work. it's mild outside. >> 40s, even low 50s south and east of town. much better than yesterday. just a hint of fog in a few spots north and west of town. other than that, the breeze is going to be the story this afternoon. my wife says what kind of weather will it be when i run this afternoon. well, eight going to be in the 50s but -- it's going to be in the 50s but breezy. our bus stop forecast this morning, about to head out, the little one abouts to head out? -- ones about to head out? give them a jacket. 40s and 50s
in the infamous multi billion dollars ponzi scheme. peter madoff was sentenced to ten years in prison yesterday in new york on charges of conspiracy and falsifying records. bernie madoff is serving a 150 year prison term. >>> finally, we're still here. these pictures are from a ceremony led by mayan priests in guatemala marking the end of the mayan calendar, aka, what was supposed to be the end of the world. no word on what doom sayers camped out at this mountain in france are doing today. they have been there for days believing that when the end of the world came a ufo would come to the mountain and rescue them. >>> got milk? you could be in for a major shock. mandy is here with what's moving your money. prices, i saw this headline and couldn't believe it. 6 to $8 a gallon? >> it is unbelievable. that is if congress does not pass a new farm bill, chris, that amends farm policy that dates back to the truman presidency. obviously this has been kind of lost in that brouhaha of what's going on between the obama administration and republicans over the fiscal cliff and the budget wranglings, and the
of increased spending by consumers. the biggest ponzi scheme in history. peter madoff, bernard madoff's brother has been sentenced to ten years in prison. that was the maximum sentence he faced because he had a plea deal with prosecutors. he admitted to conspiracy, falsifying documents and lying to clients. his brother bernie is serving a 150-year sentence in a north carolina prison. >>> it has been 504 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. i'm getting tired of this segment. i would like to it change but i'm not very hopeful given what is happening in washington. a lot of clown action down there. there was some good news on housing. consumers doing their part. sales of existing home hit a high, the best we've seen in three years in november. >>> now our fourth story "outfront." breaking news, house speaker john boehner unexpectedly pulled a vote on his own tax plan. he couldn't get enough votes from his own party. now, boehner's plan would have allowed taxes to go up on people making $1 million or more. the reason there was a revolt, some people didn't want any taxes at all. dana bash
, peter madoff has agreed to a plea bargain to spend the next decade behind bars. friday brings the winter solstice. saturday is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the year. seasons greetings. carolyn mccarthy is a suburban new yorker whose husband was killed and her son rund wounded in a random shooting on the long island railroad in december 1993, not long after she ran for congress and won. she shares some thought now on friday's tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> it's hard in words alone to do justice for the innocent young children who died the other day. words alone aren't enough to make sure that there isn't another shooting like that in connecticut. that's why i hope that we as a nation can come together and take action to prevent these types of tragedies in the future. congress where i work can be a pretty divided place. i often like to remind my colleagues on both sides of the ail of the things that unite us. and there are many. we love our country. we support our constitution. we love our children. we all care about our future, and our children's future. and it's on the
it. and peter madoff, a brother of bernard madoff has been sentenced to prison. back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." there was some tough questioning today for the state department in the senate and house hearings about the benghazi attack. two senior officials testified and acknowledged that the department needs to do better and make improvements to prevent something like this from happening again. this week an independent investigation concluded there were, quote, systemic failures at the state department in the run up to the deadly attack. the report led to the resignation of four senior state department officials including the head of diplomatic security. here was bob corker taking the department to task. let's watch. >> what i saw in the report is the department that has sclerosis, that doesn't think outside the box, that is not using the resources that it has in any kind of creative ways, is not prioritizing. i cannot imagine that we had people out there with a lack of security existing. it seems to me that what the state department would have done is to prior
ponzi scheme. peter madoff, he claimed he didn't know about the $20 billion fraud until his brother told him about it. however, the judge didn't buy it. >>> and a dramatic scene in florida. a car crashes, bursting into flames, with three people trapped inside. a good samaritan pulled one passenger out. and then police raced to the driver's side. it's hard to see. but check this out. they managed to break the windows to rescue the driver and another man. miraculously, all three survived. >>> and finally, on this friday morning, look out lebron james. meet julian neumann. sure he's only 4'5." and sure his only in fifth grade. but he's starting for the high school varsity team in orlando, taking on kids seven years older than him. he stunned the crowd. he scored 14 in wednesday night's game. they had to move him to varsity because he scored a mere 91 points in 1 game. against kids his age. he goes to a private school. they don't have to adhere to the florida high school athletic association. that's why he can play for varsity. what is your 11-year-old doing, everybody? >> i should show my 9
in history. peter madoff pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and falsifying investment records. he says he is, quote, deeply ashamed. bernard madoff is currently serving a 150-year sentence in a north carolina federal prison. >>> and thousands of people have no power in the wake of strong storms that tore through parts of mobile, alabama, in the wee hours this morning, officials have no reports of serious injuries from the storm, thankfully, but it was strong enough to peel roofs from buildings, topple trucks and trees and flip cars at a mercedes dealership. look at those pictures. >>> and the national hockey league says, unfortunately, it's canceling its regular season schedule through mid january. nhl officials say cancellation of more than half of the 2012-2013 season is necessary because there is still no contract in place between the league and the players union. in all, 625 games almost 51% of the season will have gone unplayed through january 14th. so sorry, hockey fans. >> love hockey. too bad about that part. thank you. >>> reports say president obama could pick a former u.s. s
.s. consulate which left mour americans dead. >>> peter madoff sentenced to ten years for his role in helping his brother, bernie, cover up the most notorious ponzi scheme in history. as the existence of the ponzi scheme became obvious, peter helped his brother prepare more than $300 million worth of checks for family members and took out $200 grand in cash himself. >>> instagram heard the cry from users loud and clear and dropped its advertising plan that allowed them to use images in ads without compensating them. members were outraged that they could be used without their permission or knowledge. >> that really seemed to be very unwise and took a little while to turn that around. what? 30 days? >> they were going to wait 30 days. it took like 30 minutes. >>> thousands of churches around the country will ring their bells this morning at 9:30 a.m. 26 times in honor of students and teachers killed exactly a week ago at sandy hook elementary school. the next guest says remembrances like this help a lot. peter reed's daughter mary, that picture with her siblings, killed five years ago during th
mark and andrew, who ran a legitimate trading operation, and madoff's brother peter, the chief compliance officer, took $80 million in compensation over the past seven years. plus, millions more in personal expenses charged to the company, private jet rentals, ski vacations and country club dues. even ruth, madoff's wife, had a company credit card, and she charged millions, too, on everything from shopping sprees in paris to movie rentals, all courtesy of bernard l. madoff's securities, thank you very much. >> they used the bank account at b.l.m.i.s. like a personal piggy bank. >> safer: of all the people that should have known, his brother and his sons who worked under the same roof with him should have known. >> one would think so. yes. >> safer: did they know? >> my belief is, yes, they knew. and the reason i believe that is they were officers of these companies and directors in certain instances as well and also compliance officers in a very highly regulated environment. so i think clearly they would have to have known what was going on given their own personal transactions
. we'll have more on "good morning america." >>> bernard madoff's younger brother, peter, has been sentenced to ten years for his involvement in the million billion dollar ponzi scheme. he claims he did not know about the fraud until his brother told him. a new judge in new york said she had a hard time believing that. >>> and it's a special holiday for one south florida family after a daring rescue. a police officer's dash cam caught the drama after the car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. the officer broke out the back window and jumped into the burning car. a good samaritan and another officer managed to rescue the others inside. thankfully, everyone's going to be okay. >>> complaints are pouring in across the country from people who say their neighbors are taking the christmas spirit a little too far. we've all seen these extreme light displays, just like this one in florida. so, many visitors flood the cul-de-sac every night to get a look at the homeowner has volunteers in place to direct traffic. but neighbors say the bright lights and loud music are too much. and t
madoff's brother peter deserves to spend the next ten-years in prison for his role in the 2$20 billion fraud case. he will be sentenced next week. >>> it is now time for your fox health fix. anna kooiman is here for the roundup of the top medical stories. what you have tofor us? >> everybody knows smoking is bad for you, right? even light smoking can double the risk of sudden death for women. researchers from the researches health study found women who spoke one cigarette per day have a hire risk for deadly heart condition for women. however women who quit did reduce their risk significantly. can determining how long you live be as simple as sitting down? a study for journal of cardiovascular syndrome said it could. sitting without help considers their morality. if a person can get up with little or no help they are lick lie to live loppinger because they are more active. if a terne struggled or needed a hand they were more likely to die earlier. the study looked at 2,000 middle aged men and women over a 6 year period. finally you heard the warnings about bpa being dangerous for babies
to improve security at diplomatic posts around the world. >>> bernie madoff's brother peter has been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in helping cover up his brother's ponzi scheme. before sentencing, he said he's deeply ashamed by his conduct and accepts full responsibility for his actions. check out these pictures from a volcano in ecuador, hundreds of people have reportedly been forced to evacuate from their homes in the town of runsen. the volcano has been active for more than a decade and has recently seen renewed eruptions. >>> how something as simple as baking pies is bringing comfort to newtown, connecticut. ñ? >>> one of the great things about this country, whenever there's a tragedy or disaster, regular people do extraordinary things. no one asks them, they just do it, no one's watching, they just do it. we've seen it over and over again, it's inspiring every time. beth howard is one of those people, she lives in iowa, when the shooting happened she got in her car and drove 1,000 miles to newtown. no one asked her to do it, she just did it. and what she brough
at diplomatic posts around the world. >>> bernie madoff's brother peter has been sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in helping cover up his brother's ponzi scheme. before sentencing, he said he's deeply ashamed by his conduct and accepts full responsibility for his actions. check out these pictures from a volcano in ecuador, hundreds of people have reportedly been forced to evacuate from their homes in the town of runsen. the volcano has been active for more than a decade and has recently been seen eruptions. >>> how something as simple as baking pies is bringing comfort to newtown, connecticut. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. >>> one of the great things about this country, whenever there's a tragedy or disaster, regular people do
of that multibillion dollar ponzi scheme. bernard madoff's younger brother, peter, has been sentenced to ten years. he pled guilty in june to conspiracy and falsifying the records of an investment adviser. the younger plaido eer madoff s didn't know about the fraud until his brother told him. a new judge in new york said she had a hard time believing that. >>> and call this an indication of the reduced influence of the 220-year-old new york stock exchange. it's being bought by a company that's just 12 years old. no major changes are expected after atlanta based intercontinental exchange completes its $8 billion purchase. that should happen sometime next year. >> wow. >> $8 billion. >> to purchase the new york stock exchange. that's fascinating. what that could potentially mean should be interesting. but we'll see how it plays out, as always. >>> facebook will soon be racking up more revenue $1 at a time. the social network is testing out a new service on a limited number of people for $1, and will guarantee delivery of a message into the main inbox of someone who they are not friends with. currently,
blamed squarely on the failure in washington to reach a fiscal cliff deal. bernie madoff's younger brother peter has beenúÑ sentenced to 10 yearsrs)blÑ he claimed he did not know about the fall until his brother told him. facebook testing service that will charge users a dollar to guarantee messages they send are connected to arrive in inboxes rather than an ignored foaler called other. historic day in movie history:.p snow white and seven dwarfs debutted this day 75 years ago the first feature len animated film produced by disney the -- the parent company of abc. t live we'll let mike interpret whatríó the green and yellows and reds mean.o0 we know this is moving into the entire bay area later today-j08kg. >>> police throughout the bay area will be out in full starting today looking for drivers. san mateo police planning to set up a dui checkpoint tonight officers from throughout san mateo county will staff the location as part of their avoid the 23 dui> highway patrol and police$-)
security at diplomatic posts around the world. >>> and bernie madoff's brother peter has been sent to ten years in prison for covering up the ponzi scheme. he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and falsifying investment records. anderson, back to you. >> susan, thank you very much. >>> what one woman has done for the community in newtown. something as simple as baking pies and the comfort that that has brought. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks will talk to scientists about climate change. cars will talk to road sensors will talk to stoplights about traffic efficiency. the ambulance will talk to patient records will talk to doctors about saving lives. it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. the next big thing? we're going to wake the world up. ♪ and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. ♪ cisco. tomorrow starts here. >>> one of the great
unit. take a look at google trade. >>> bernie madoff's younger brother will be sentenced today for his role in the multibillion dollar ponzi scheme. peter was a chief compliance officer at the firm. he pleaded guilty in june to several charges, including security fraud and falsifying records. he faces up to a year in prison. although letters from dozens of friends and family members and business acquaintances were filed earlier this week asking the judge for leniency. >>> european markets are mixed. adding about 10% despite weaker retail sales figures. it will note a jump in tablet sales around the holidays. for the most part, the rest are flat to slightly lower. and let's take a look at what's on the agenda today in the u.s. weekly jobless claims are out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. at 8:30, we get the final estimate of third quarter gdp revised up a notch to 2.9%. at 10:00, its existing home sales are seen up about 2% to an annual rate of 4. 9 million. at 10:00, we'll get the fully fed for october and other leading indicators. as for earnings, we'll get earnings from conagri foods, nike, da
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